It’s time for my first giveaway, and of course it has to be reptile related!

I’m giving away a month old male hatchling bearded dragon, from my Citrus orange double het X Orange Hypo, pair. Well started and healthy, no nips or any growth/health complications! Cute little guy, and will surely have some pretty colors as an adult. He’s free, but you will have to pay for his overnight shipping (usually $25-$65, depends on your location).

In order to be able to enter this giveaway:
• You MUST know about bearded dragon care- I mean, not pet store care sheets, but full on updated care sheets, or I will happily tell you how I care for mine.
• You MUST have the time and space for one.
• You MUST be his forever home.
• Only one like and reblog allowed.
• Following my blog is optional, but cool if you do.
• Must be 18+, thus I will have to ask for your address, if not, please ask a parent for consent.

This giveaway will end on June 30th! Whoever wins this giveaway, I expect for you to keep me updated on this little guy, for the rest of his life. And, if you don’t win, but will still like one of my little hatchlings, I have a few still available.

Good luck, everyone! 💚

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*puts on lifejacket* i am ready for intercourse

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ScHoolboy Q x Mac Miller


ScHoolboy Q x Mac Miller

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